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Here we have the list of ADULT AFFILIATE AD NETWORKS programs. You can earn money not just by promoting their affiliate program but also by putting their adds on your website. So lets begin :

1. Exoclick : The innovative ad company, provides two channels for advertisers and publishers: An Ad Exchange and an Ad Network. Their Ad Exchange enables publishers to monetize their traffic not only with ExoClick’s ad network, but also with other ad networks and DSPs. Their Ad Network serves +12 billion geo-targeted ads a day, to a global network of 65,000 web/mobile publisher platforms.

2. Juicyads : They are the Marketplace for Publishers and Advertisers to earn more money with their monetization solutions, as one of the Top 10 Advertising Networks in the World as rated by W3Techs.

3. EroAdvertising : EroAdvertising is a Portugal-based company founded in 2006. With over 10 years experience, it has grown into one of the largest adult networks in the world. Every month EroAdvertising is serving more than 30 billion geo-targeted ad views using our own ad-serving technology.

4. TrafficJunky : TrafficJunky is an innovative web advertising and digital marketing company founded in 2008 in Montreal, Canada. TrafficJunky’s mission is to improve the performance of your company and product(s) with each internet marketing ad campaign. Our team of experts will help and guide you to find out which creatives are currently working best and provide you with detailed traffic reports.

5. Adsterra : Today Adsterra is a well-known brand with a good reputation and has been recognized by many bloggers and affiliates as one of the best adtech platforms in the industry. Adsterra offers a unique combination of innovative technology and human intelligence.

6. AdMaven : Over 25.000 publishers and Advertisers find our ads as the best solution to monetize their website while keeping it safe.

7. Traffichaus : TrafficHaus is an elevated ad serving platform that allows publishers and advertisers greater control of their inventory and investments. At TrafficHaus you can buy advertising or Sell advertising with the click of a button. The platform itself is built by publishers for publishers and uses a variable CPM model with proprietary algorithms based on a self-serve live bidding platform.
Advertisers have complete control to select ad size, location, volume, device(s) to advertise on, and price they wish to pay allowing them the flexibility to quickly adjust bids in real time, grow exposure, and take control of their ROI.

8. ExoticAds : Exotic Ads Ad Buying is an online market place where advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will inturn return traffic to the advertisers. Exotic Ads Ad Buying supports advertisers and publishers of all sizes.
Advertisers just need to submit their ads and configure their target audience and budget using Exotic Ads Ad Buying advertiser account. Publishers need to generate adcodes of desired dimensions using Exotic Ads Ad Buying publisher account. Ad selling and traffic exchange are automatically handled by the highly sophisticated Exotic Ads Ad Buying platform.

9. Clickaine : Clickaine is a High-performance Ad Network with a daily global reach of over 250 million desktop & mobile users and thousands of premium online publishing partners. They have expertise in visitor acquisition, website monetization, and audience expansion. The combination of cutting-edge online advertising technologies and our polished skills deliver exceptional value and consistent quality across a wide array of Ad formats.

Earn Money Online Video

Videos Sharing Affiliate Program

Here is the list of Video Sharing affiliate program Which You Can Promate and earn commision every time some one buy their premium versions :-

1. Doodstream : DoodStream is a video hosting service were you can upload videos, share & make money.
For free users it will removed after 60 days and for premium users videos will never be removed.
Here you can upload adult videos but make sure it is legal. Also There is no bandwidth limitations.
Views are counted upto 3 within 24 hours per user/ip.
They have 6+ payout options including PayPal, Webmoney, Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum & Tether.

Like Doodstream There Are Many other in the market that to can promote or upload you videos and refer them to make money online.

2. Vidoza :
All Tier rates are listed for 10,000 views/downloads, Each Tier rate per 10,000 views depends on the country the views/downloads come from. File size must be bigger than 5MB and users must view at least 5% of video length.
The minimum payout amount is just $5, but Payoneer $50, Paxum $50.
They offer 11% referral income.
Max upload size is 15GB. Unlimited storage for Premium.

3. Gounlimited : You can earn 10% of any user you refer, forever. The 10% is the percent you get from whatever the referred user earns.
4. Upstream :
Profit rates for each 10000 views of your video
Earn money by creating, uploading and sharing your videos.
Affiliate receive 5% earned money from each his referral.

5. Sendvid : Contact support for referral commission.

6. Supervideo :
The minimum payout amount is $10 USD, Payoneer minimum payout $50. We pay only in PayPal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash… and Payoneer.
Affiliate receive 5% earned money from
each his referral.

7. Streamsb :
Earn money by hosting and sharing your videos with StreamSB & also earn 10% lifetime earnings from referrals.
Free premium account is provided for genuine uploaders and webmasters.

8. Streamz :
If you recruit a new member, you will receive 5% of the member’s income. For lifetime!.

9. vTube : Unlimited storage upload as many videos as you want. Active videos will be storage on a safe and secured servers. Stream your videos from anywhere, anytime, anywant with no limit. Join our Affiliate Program and earn money by sharing your videos.

10. Upvideo : Minimum payout amount is just $10. They Pay Daily , Partners can receive payments in Paypal, WebMoney, Paxum, USD(T), Bitcoin, Payoneer.Payout requests will be usually processed in less than 48hrs, maximum it can take upto 7 days.